Error 'Called Failed 46' when sending fax ( LANCOM / Bintec )


Unable to send fax. Fax fails with error 'Call failed: 46' that is shown in GFI FaxMaker monitor and / or debug logs.


  • GFI FaxMaker
  • supported LANCOM or Bintec router
  • only inbound fax calls


  1. Browse to the GFI FaxMaker program folder
  2. Open the in Notepad
  3. Locate the applicable entry for
    1. Bintec router (if applicable)
      1. dt:26 -n:"Bintec R4100" -bt:EDS -o:"2,,,,,14400,,1,2,,2048,6144,,2048,2" -dc1:475217920 -dc2:29864855
    2. LANCOM router (if applicable)
      1. -dt:27 -n:"LANCOM 1700 Series" -bt:EDS -o:"2,,,,,14400,,1,2,,2048,6144,,2048,2" -dc1:1445445632 -dc2:30089758
      2. -dt:28 -n:"LANCOM 1800 Series" -bt:EDS -o:"2,,,,,14400,,1,2,,2048,6144,,2048,2" -dc1:1445445632 -dc2:30089758
  4. Add the entry -cnm:Q after the entry -bt:EDS: of the applicable entry
    1. here an example for the LANCOM 1700 Series router: add -cnm:Q to the applicable entry
-dt:27 -n:"LANCOM 1700 Series" -bt:EDS -cnm:Q -o:"2,,,,,14400,,1,2,,2048,6144,,2048,2" -dc1:1445445632 -dc2:30089758
  1. Save the file
  2. Restart the GFI FaxMaker Fax Server service for changes to take effect


After GFI FaxMaker server accepts the inbound fax call, some PABX expects from FaxMaker application to confirm the accept call confirmation (using CONNECT_RESP) within three seconds. Otherwise, the inbound fax call will be dropped by the PABX with a capi error 0x349A.

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