Error 'Called Failed 46' when sending fax ( CLIP )


Unable to send fax. Fax fails with error 'Call failed: 46' that is shown in GFI FaxMaker monitor and / or debug logs.


  • GFI FaxMaker
  • All supported environments


This generic error means that GFI FaxMaker attempts to dial a fax number, but it fails to setup the fax call successfully. The reasons for a call failure can be various depending on the environment where GFI FaxMaker is installed.

The initial approaches are:

  • Check manually whether a user can dial the fax number and can hear a fax tone
  • Check if the issue persists only with this fax number and if it is reproducible
Please check if  CLIP is required by the PBX in order to authenticate GFI FaxMaker as the end point. The instructions how CLIP can be set can be found here.


The 'Call failed 46' error is a generic error. Some causes of this error are: 
  • Having an invalid fax number
  • Requiring a CLIP value to authenticate with the PBX

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