Error: 'Call Failed 46' when sending faxes ( Prefix )


Unable to send fax. Fax fails with error 'Call failed: 46' that is shown in GFI FaxMaker monitor and / or debug logs.&


  • GFI FaxMaker
  • All supported environments


This generic error means that GFI FaxMaker attempts to dial a fax number, but it fails to setup the fax call successfully. The reasons for a call failure can be various depending on the environment where GFI FaxMaker is installed.

The initial approaches are:

  • Check manually whether a user can dial the fax number and can hear a fax tone
  • Check if the issue persists only with this fax number and if it is reproducible

Please check then if a prefix is required in order to dial out (this only applies to FaxMaker installation that are behind a PABX).


The 'Call failed 46' error is a generic error. Some causes of this error are: 
  • Having an invalid fax number
  • Requiring a prefix to dial out

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