All outbound faxes fail with a handshaking 54 error, but all inbound faxes arrive fine


All outbound faxes fail with a handshaking failure 54, but at the same time all inbound faxes arrive fine.


  • GFI FaxMaker
  • All supported environment


After a call is placed successfully (which triggers a ringing on the remote side) any errors which occurs during the negotiation phase, transmission phase or cal termination phase are reported as a handshaking error: 54. The handshaking error:54 does not indicate in what stage the error occurred, so a closer look into the available logs files is necessary.

The initial approaches are:
  • Check manually whether a user can dial the fax number and can hear a fax tone
  • Check if the issue persists only with the fax number in question and if it is reproducible

If issue persists,
  1. Please open GFI FaxMaker configuration > Lines / Devices > Properties
  2. Verify for each selected line that the name of the device type ( CAPI profile ) matches with the actual attached device
  3. Click 'OK' and re-start the GFI FaxMaker services


Incorrect card type specified in the Lines / Devices properties in GFI FaxMaker configuration.

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