What ports are used by GFI MailEssentials?

The following ports are used by GFI MailEssentials 14 and later. The firewall may need to be configured to allow connections using DNS, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS from the GFI MailEssentials machine to the update servers.

For the recommended multi-install firewall exceptions, please also check the following GFI knowledge base article:


DNS Port 53

Connections are done to the DNS server configured for the local machine. This is used for:
  • SPF
  • SpamRazer
  • IP DNS Blocklist
  • URI DNS Blocklist

FTP Ports 20 and 21

In case of passive FTP ports 21 and a random port lower than 1024. Connection is done to ftp.gfisoftware.com to retrieve the latest version information.

HTTP / HTTPS Ports 80 and 443 

This is used to download updates for Bayesian, Product Patches, Phishing, Spamrazer, and Anti-Virus engines.

Connections are done to the following addresses:
  • meupdate.gfi.com
  • update.gfi.com
  • update.gfisoftware.com
  • support.gfi.com
  • *.mailshell.net
  • *.rules.mailshell.net
  • spamrazer.gfi.com
  • db11.spamcatcher.net
  • cdnupdate.gfi.com
  • cdnpatches.gfi.com

Remoting Ports 8013, 8015, 8021
Remoting is used in the latest builds of GFI MailEssentials for inter-process communication. Since all the GFI MailEssentials processes are running on the same server the firewall does not need to be configured to allow connections to or from the remoting ports. However, please ensure that no other application is installed on GFI MailEssentials machine that is listening on the mentioned ports. The remoting ports can be modified through the GFI MailEssentials switchboard, although it’s suggested to do so only after consulting GFI Technical Support (if required).

MailEssentials 2015:
  • Remoting Ports 9093, 9091,8015, 9096 9095
  • Note the new ports 9096 and 9095 are used only in multi-server synchronization.
MailEssentials 2014 R2 only:
  • Remoting Ports 9090, 9091, 8015


  1. All auto-update functionality (such as Anti-Virus, SpamRazer, Bayesian, etc) in GFI MailEssentials runs over HTTP and HTTPS which can pass through the proxy server configured in the GFI MailEssentials configuration. Please ensure that the firewall has been configured to allow connections from the GFI MailEssentials server to connect to the proxy server on the ports defined in the configuration

  2. Only GFI MailEssentials 14 (Build 20080915) downloads SpamRazer updates from http://db11.spamcatcher.net. GFI MailEssentials 14 SR1 (build 20081024) and later builds download SpamRazer updates from http://sn92.mailshell.net.