Is it possible to synchronize the Deleted Items folder in Microsoft Outlook?

To sync the Deleted Items folder using Mailbox Folder Structure Retrieval, follow the steps below:
  1. Stop all GFI Archiver services
  2. Open the folder ..\GFI\Archiver\Core\Data\
  3. Create a backup copy of the file product.config
  4. Open the file product.config in a text editor
  5. Add the following key within the <appSettings> section: <add key="UMPollingExcludeDeleted" value="false" />
  6. Open the folder ..\GFI\Archiver\Core\UMPolling\
  7. Delete all *.dat files
  8. Start all GFI Archiver services
  • Deleting the *.dat files (UMPolling cookies) will cause the Mailbox Folder Structure Retrieval to reevaluate every email present within all Microsoft Exchange mailboxes again once. While this initial scan is running it can cause higher than usual system load and delayed folder synchronization when compared to behavior before deleting the *.dat files.
  • When upgrading to a newer version of GFI Archiver installation files mentioned in this procedure will be overwritten with default versions making the changes void and ineffective. It is therefore suggested to keep a record of this procedure and follow it once again directly after upgrading to keep this functionality intact.