How to install the Brooktrout SR140 (FOIP)?

Please Note
  • Dialogic no longer supports any SDK prior to 6.7.0
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is supported by GFI FaxMaker but IS NOT supported by Dialogic for SDK 6.7.X

The Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 is a software-only Fax over IP (FoIP) solution from Dialogic. To install the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 follow these steps:

Important:  If you are running Microsoft Windows 2008 or later, before installing the Brooktrout SR140 driver, you must disable UAC.  For more information, please see

  1. Click on Start > All Programs > GFI FaxMaker > GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard

  2. In the Welcome page, click Next to continue. The wizard will stop the GFI FaxMaker Fax Server Service and the GFI FaxMaker Message Transfer Agent Service. Click Next to continue once the services are both stopped.

    FaxMaker Confìguration Wizard: Choose Your Fax Hardware - Which type of fax hardware do you have installed on your computer?
    Figure 1: Selecting the Brooktrout SR140 driver
  1. Select Brooktrout by Dialogic and select Brooktrout SR140 Software Fax over IP . Click Next to continue

  2. The wizard will ask you whether you want to run the GFI FaxMaker Brooktrout TR1034 (Boston) / SR140 driver setup . Click Yes to start the driver setup wizard. The Brooktrout TR1034 (Boston) / SR140 driver setup contains drivers that are made by Dialogic, however Dialogic relies on vendors to distribute them

  3. Setup will start by checking if there is any Brooktrout software already installed on the machine. Should it be the case, uninstall any existing Brooktrout software using the Add/remove programs from the Control Panel . After all Brooktrout software has been uninstalled, restart the Brooktrout setup again

  4. In the setup wizard Welcome page, click Next to continue. In the End User License Agreement page, click I accept the agreement and then click Next to continue the installation

  5. At this stage, you can specify the location where you want to install the TR1034 drivers. By default, the installation path is set to the same path where GFI FaxMaker is installed. We recommend that you install to this default location, but if you want to change the default installation path, click Browse and specify the required path. To continue with the installation, click Next

  6. In the Ready to Install page, click Install

  7. In the Finish page, clear the Run Brooktrout configuration tool check box and then click Finish to close the GFI FaxMaker Brooktrout TR1034 Drivers wizard and complete the installation

  8. You now need to activate the license for Brooktrout SR140. The license would be a 12 digit number which would be sent to you by GFI. You would need to activate the license with Dialogic first. The license activation can be done from the Brooktrout License Manager. Go to All Programs -> GFI FaxMaker Brooktrout TR1034 Drivers -> Brooktrout License Manager

  9. Select License -> Activate License

    License Activation Wizard: Activation Method - How would you like to activate your license?
    Figure 2: SR140 License Activation wizard
  10. You would now need to select the Activation Method to use

    • If the computer is connected to the internet, you can select to 'Automatically' activate the license key. This is the easiest method, since the activation and installation of the activated license key is done automatically

    • If the computer is not connected to the internet, select 'Using the interactive web method' and proceed as follows:

      1. Click the button 'Save the instructions into a file' and save the instructions in a txt file on disk.

      2. Copy the text file containing the instructions to a machine that has internet access.

      3. Browse to, and use the License key that you have received from GFI to logon to the SR140 license activation page.

      4. Select 'Generate Licenses', and use the information in the instructions text file to insert the 'Node ID Type' (also referred to as 'Node Lock Type'), and 'Node ID' (also referred to as 'Node Lock') into the web form.

      5. If the instructions text file does not show the 'Node ID Type', select COMPOSITE for the 'Node ID Type'.

      6. Click on 'Generate License'.

      7. Confirm the License details, and click the 'Confirm' button.

      8. Click 'Save to File' to save the .lic file to disk.

      9. Move the .lic file to the machine running GFI FaxMaker.

      10. From Brooktrout License Manager, select License -> Install License, and select the .lic file.

        Brooktrout License Manager: Install license
        Figure 3: Brooktrout License Manager -> Install License
    • You can also select to 'Create a request for email or fax', and follow the instructions in the wizard, but this will take you longer to activate the SR140 license key. Once you receive the .lic file, select to 'Install License' as shown in Figure 3, and select the .lic file received from Dialogic.

  11. The Brooktrout License Manager will display the details of the license key you provided. To close the Brooktrout License Manager, click Exit from the License menu

  12. You now need to configure the Brooktrout SR140 settings from the Brooktrout Configuration Tool. Go to Start -> All Programs -> GFI FaxMaker Brooktrout TR1034 Drivers -> Brooktrout Configuration Tool

  13. From the Brooktrout Configuration Tool check that the settings match your setup. If you need configuration assistance, you can refer to the help included in the configuration tool. Click on the 'Apply' icon in the toolbar and then close the Brooktrout Configuration Tool. This will apply the settings and start the Boston Host Service

  14. Determine whether you have a valid SR140 usage license both from Dialogic Technology and GFI. Go to Start -> All Programs -> GFI FaxMaker Brooktrout TR1034 Drivers -> FaxMaker Brooktrout Configuration GUI

    FaxMaker Brooktrout Driver GUI: Brooktrout SR14O is licensed and installed and you have an SR14O usage license.
    Figure 4: SR140 licensing status: Brooktrout and GFI license activated
  15. Now you need to configure the GFI FaxMaker lines that will be associated with the Brooktrout SR140 (FoIP). To do so, from the GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard click Configure lines . For more information on how to configure GFI FaxMaker lines, refer to the Setting up fax lines for the Brooktrout SR140 in the Configuring Fax lines chapter

  16. Continue through the GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard to start the GFI FaxMaker Fax Server Service and the GFI FaxMaker Message Transfer Agent Service. On the Finish page, click Finish to close and complete the GFI FaxMaker Configuration Wizard

Licensing Notes:

  • To use the Brooktrout SR140 (FoIP) software, you must have an SR140 license key, activated as outlined in the procedure above, as well as a GFI FaxMaker license key that is enabled for Brooktrout SR140 usage from GFI. To obtain both keys, please contact GFI sales at

General Notes:

  • If the drivers do not work immediately when you start the GFI FaxMaker Fax Server or some lines refuse to send or receive, you may need to reboot the GFI FaxMaker machine