Error: 'Server Error in '/' Application' when accessing console


When accessing the console for GFI WebMonitor, you receive the following error: 
Server Error in '/' Application


  • GFI WebMonitor 2015
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9


  • Clear browser cookies and other cache files
  • Disable Compatibility Mode
NOTE: As of GFI WebMonitor 2015, Microsoft IE 9 is no longer supported for accessing the Console. To access the console you need Microsoft IE 10 or later.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 renders webpages differently than previous versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Because of this, Microsoft includes a feature called Compatibility Mode which is designed to show websites as they would be viewed in previous versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. If Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is set to Compatibility Mode it can have issues trying to display pages that are designed for Internet Explorer 9. Disabling Compatibility Mode corrects this issue.