Error: 'Could not connect to remote registry' occurs when scanning machines from a Terminal Server


When launching a scan to a remote machine from a Terminal server, the following error is displayed:
Could not connect to remote registry

This issue will occur when scanning the machine for anything requiring remote registry access. For example: Application scanning, missing patch scanning, remote registry scanning.


  • GFI LanGuard
  • All supported environments


To resolve this issue, it is necessary to elevate the rights of the account used to connect via Terminal Services. 
Follow the steps described in this article:​


When a client connects to a Windows Server via Terminal Services and the user wants to run a scan from GFI LANguard, the user needs enough privileges in order to connect remotely to other machines. If the GFI LANguard machine is a workstation, this change is not required.

Note: The error 'Failed to connect to remote registry' can also be caused in other situations, such as disabled NetBIOS.