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Exinda Network Orchestrator is a revolutionary network monitoring tool that allows you to manage the way users, traffic, devices, and applications behave on your network. View every activity on an innovative dashboard to analyze, inspect, and optimize your bandwidth. Network monitoring will never be the same after you implement Exinda Network Orchestrator.

Monitor your network in real time with:
  • Interactive analytics
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Purpose built reports
Get the most out of your bandwidth
  • Improve business-critical application performance
  • Benefit from policy-based shaping - prioritize how and when users use applications and websites

Getting more bandwidth is not a long term solution. Exinda Network Orchestrator's network monitoring capabilities will give you back control.

Because Exinda gives us such visibility into our network, it’s now the first place we look when there are any issues at all.

Mark Schwartz


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