GFI OneConnect is our newest cloud-based email security and continuity platform, which is now available as a public BETA. GFI OneConnect was built, based on the need for a cloud based solution to help IT admins protect their business infrastructure and users from email borne threats, whilst also providing an email failover service to support your Exchange server. With it’s robust feature set, GFI OneConnect is the perfect ally to your on-premise Exchange.

Top Features of GFI OneConnect include:

  • Enterprise grade email failover system in case your Exchange server goes down giving you email continuity and enabling users to keep on sending and receiving emails without noticing any changes.
  • Powerful and effective business Spam filtering enabling IT admins and users to focus on the important emails whilst not being inundated by spam.
  • Blocks email-borne viruses and other malware giving you total peace of mind that the company network is safe.
  • Granular, user-based email content policy enforcement enabling the administrator to create rules based on the users and their level within the organization bringing the admin in control as to what enters and leaves the organization.

Screenshots (Click any thumbnail for an enlarged view.)

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We would like to invite you to this Beta trial, but please keep in mind that some bugs and usability issues may be experienced. The aim of this release is to gather public feedback on the product, leading to the full release later on this year. Please click here to read through the product manual in order to learn more about the installation and setup process, or click here to access the feedback forum in order to let us know more about your experience with the product.

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Give feedback

To report bugs, provide product suggestions or simply ask any questions, visit our product feedback platform.


Email archiving is another feature that will be added to GFI OneConnect in the future. GFI OneConnect is at the beginning stages of a full featured platform for email infrastructure. In the future we will see additional email services being added to this platform such as archiving.