Upgrading your GFI software will require a license key upgrade. It is important to note that here we are talking about major version upgrades to your software, rather than minor updates. If you already have a software maintenance agreement in place, then the software upgrade will be free.

Now let’s look at how you upgrade your license key, step-by-step. It is important to note that if you are looking to retrieve a lost license key, this is not the video for you. Instead we have a separate page on how to retrieve your license key information. You can find it here.

Let’s get back to upgrading your license key. First you need to log in to the GFI Customer Area at customers.gfi.com. Enter your username and password. These should have been sent to you along with your license key. Next click the ‘My License Keys link’ to bring up a list of your products and their keys. Click the blue key icon next to the product you have for additional options. Now, if you have a valid maintenance agreement in place, then you want to select “Upgrade License Key”. That will upgrade your key automatically. If you do not have a maintenance agreement in place, or have not renewed one, then you can select “Renewal” to renew your agreement. Once you have done that you can upgrade your license key as we have mentioned. If you need any assistance, then the support option will get you help with the process.