Высокая доступность

High availability/fail-over protection eliminates the risk and cost of connectivity or threat-protection downtime.

Without high-availability, prime device failure due to a power surge or other cause often leads network administrators to put a simple router in place to re-establish connectivity. There may be lost productivity waiting for this solution. But worse, the network is vulnerable to security threats until the secure gateway is repaired or replaced.

With high-availability, if a crash or failure occurs the second machine jumps into action immediately. Users see no drop of service. The organization has no vulnerability exposure.

To initiate high-availability, new and existing customers:

  • Acquire and install a second, same Kerio Control appliance or virtual machine
  • A single software license will cover the two pieces of hardware
  • Customers configure the second device as a clone of the active one
  • Configuration settings are easy-to-do and take minutes
  • Once configured, the two devices connect through a synching port and all rules and routing are replicated and kept up-to-date between them.

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