Detect threats, block viruses and secure VPN with the firewall built for SMB

Screenshots - Kerio Control


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control-active-hosts_thumb Active hosts
control-admin-dashboard_thumb Admin dashboard
control-admin-services_thumb Admin services
control-admin-system-health_thumb Admin system health
control-antivirus_thumb Antivirus
control-auth-options_thumb Auth options
control-backup_thumb Backup
control-content-filter_thumb Content filter
control-dhcp_thumb DHCP
control-ips_thumb IPS
control-qos_thumb QOS
control-security-log_thumb Security log
control-traffic-charts_thumb Traffic charts
control-traffic-rules_thumb Traffic rules
High Availability High Availability


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daily-traffic_thumb Daily traffic
hourly-traffic_thumb Hourly traffic
individual-user-transfers_thumb Individual user transfers
top-visited-websites_thumb Top visited websites
top-web-categories_thumb Top web categories
web-pages_thumb Web pages