What's new in GFI WebMonitor

GFI WebMonitor is a solid web gateway solution that enables IT administrators to monitor, manage and secure internet activity in their business or organization, particularly those with a larger number of users under management. GFI WebMonitor 2015 leverages our multi-layered security and management approach by applying Web content filtering, multiple antivirus engines, antiphishing and other security technologies to the information flow. This ensures incoming data is authorized, free of malware, and zero-day phishing attacks are prevented.

With today’s diverse web behaviour you get productivity loss challenges that not only impact social sites but can also contribute to data loss through online storage applications. GFI WebMonitor 2015 delivers Web Application Control functionality along with major updates in user experience, configurability, scalability and performance. Let’s dig a bit deeper!

With Web Application Control technology, IT admins can allow company-wide authorized access to business web applications like Salesforce.com, Office 365 and business applications. At the same time, admins can granularly manage access to applications seen as more personal and a risk to the company, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Using inspection technology, GFI WebMonitor identifies access requests from supported web applications or application categories and enables IT admins to allow or block them. For example, IT admins can choose to allow social media applications for certain departments, yet block file-sharing and gaming applications for all users, without affecting their browsing experience.

IT admins can use GFI WebMonitor’s application control feature to block applications that use HTTP or HTTPs without interfering with web browsing activities and most importantly without having to modify firewall and router configurations. The new unified policy system gives you visibility in what the product does, and how it does it. It also allows IT admins to modify or extend the policies very easily using a building blocks approach that can be used also on tablets and more mobile devices. You can configure the main policy parameters through its simple drag and drop functionality.

Under the hood, GFI WebMonitor 2015 is driven by a completely rewritten processing and filtering engine that leverages modern memory management, connection management and faster processing. Coupled with 64-bit compiling, the net result is a significant increase in scalability, performance and reliability. This means that GFI WebMonitor can support more simultaneous requests per-second with a single installation.

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