Internet control and monitoring

Has your internet ever slowed down for no apparent reason? Did it by any chance occur during a high-profile sports event, or when something big hit the news, or even when one of the latest internet crazes was doing the rounds. That’s often what happens when employees check in to high-bandwidth sites. So how do you manage it?

GFI WebMonitor allows you to monitor and manage bandwidth usage within your company. How?

It can monitor traffic in real time and allow manual termination of connections where you detect problematic downloads. You can also monitor bandwidth usage by user and by site. That means you can discover exactly how much YouTube is costing your business. There is also customizable reporting that enables you to track bandwidth consumption by website category, or by IP address. You can also block web applications, meaning instant messenger programs no longer have to be a drain on your company resources.

No one wants to police the internet, but at least with GFI WebMonitor you can manage how it is used in your business. Can you afford to continue losing productivity, or would you rather have that time spent improving your business?

GFI WebMonitor gives you that option. Click here to try GFI WebMonitor free for 30 days.