How to find the antivirus and security engines in GFI WebMonitor

To access the antivirus features in GFI WebMonitor, click the Settings icon and navigate to the security engines option. This page shows the Security Engines that are monitoring both downloads and browsing. You can switch these engines on and off using the switch next to the security engine names. We don't recommend disabling any of the security engines to ensure that you always have the maximum protection levels possible. You can also enable and disable the update feature and the frequency.

The Update Now button enables you to check for updates without waiting for the next scheduled update. You will also notice that some of the antivirus engines have a Settings button next to them. This enables you to configure additional features that come with that Security Engine.

On the left hand side you will also notice that by default you are notified via email when security engine updates are successful. To disable this feature un-check this option. Any changes done in this screen are automatically saved.