How to exclude users from counting against your license with GFI WebMonitor

Managing the number of users on your GFI WebMonitor license is important. And the process is fairly simple, although it does require some specific settings.

Firstly, it is important that you ensure you add GFI WebMonitor users to the Always Allowed list, or the White List, depending on which version of the software you have. If users are not added to these lists, and are instead added as internal users, or by IP, or by computer, then traffic will bypass GFI WebMonitor filters which includes the antivirus scanner.

How do you add a user to those lists? If you have GFI WebMonitor 2013 installed, then head to the Settings tab in the GFI WebMonitor console. Expand Policies and click Always Allowed. You will see the text Grant To. Click the User button next to it. Enter the user’s name in the text box, and click Add when ready.

That completes the process for GFI WebMonitor 2013. For GFI WebMonitor 2015, the process has a few differences. Head to the WebMonitor Management console and locate Settings, which is shown as a gear icon. Next, find the Advanced Settings drop down and select the Licensing tab. Under the ‘Licensed seated’ click the link that shows the number of users / licenses. That will display the list of users you have. Click the link ‘Exclude’ to add that user to the exclusion list.

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