How to enable authentication and reporting on usernames in GFI WebMonitor

To set up authentications to run reports on users and user groups in GFI WebMonitor, click on the Gear icon and click Settings. From here make sure that the proxy authentication is enabled. This will allow the user information to be populated in your reports as well as allow you to set up authentication rules for users. To do this, scroll down on the Connection Settings tab, click on Show Advanced Options and enable Proxy Authentication. You can then choose between Basic Authentication or Integrated Authentication. An exception to the authentication can be added here and when done, click Save.

Next, go to the UI Access Control tab. You will notice it is set to Windows Authentication. Windows authentication prompts all users to input their domain login when logging in to the web interface. To add a new authorization rule, click Add Rule, give your rule a name, and select a user, group or IP that the rule will apply to. In this case we will add Event Log Readers.

Next, add in the data the user group will have access to, in this case we will select all the users in our active directory. Once done, click on Access Right to specify the controls for this rule. When done, click Save.

To run reports go to the report section and select the report you would like to run. In this case we will click on the Activity section and choose the User Activity Log. To edit the report click on the Pencil, apply any changes necessary and hit Save. To run the report, simply click on the Generate button. Once the report is generated you’ll get detailed information about the users activity information. You can save the report and export it either as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, a PDF or a Microsoft Word document.