How to configure reporting in GFI WebMonitor

To run or customize reports through GFI WebMonitor, click on the Reports tab. From here you can configure any of the reports available by clicking on the Pencil icon, which allows you to edit or customize the reports.

Customized reports gives you the option to specify the date range, the amount of records that you want to include in the report, the type of data you want to include or exclude in the report such as users, user groups, search engines and search terms. The ability to schedule a report by either a one-time run, a daily report, a weekly report or a monthly report, and how often you want to run the report.

It also allows you to specify the output format or the file type the report will be exported to. It can be either exported to PDF, to a Microsoft Excel XLS spreadsheet or a Microsoft Word doc file, along with the location where the report will be saved. You also have the ability to add a distribution list by adding in the email address of the intended recipient, here. Once the specifications have been added, click Save.