How to block legal liability sites with GFI WebMonitor

In this video I’ll be show you how to deny access to sites that might be inappropriate for a good business environment. These sites may include nudity and pornography, gambling, violent and racist behavior as well as other illegal activities.

Given that all businesses have different needs and that your local legislation might demand different things you will need to tailor the site categories to fit your exact requirements.

Start by clicking Manage, select the Policies option, click Add Policy and give the new policy a name and a description. Set the new policy to Block and drag and drop the Websites element. Click the Categories tab and select the Legal Liability category from the list. Click actions and choose Select all, review the selected categories and uncheck any category that you want the users to have access to, in this case we'll uncheck the Gambling sites category. This is something that you would want to do if for example your place of business is an online gambling site and you need to access gambling sites. When done, click the Add to Policy button. Check that all the required policy conditions are ok and hit Save.