Employee internet usage monitoring

We can’t do business without the internet. But is your network being used just for your business needs? The truth is that while the internet is an essential tool, it can also be a time sink for your employees. However, there is a way to tame the internet and to ensure its use is aligned with your business needs.

GFI WebMonitor is a powerful tool that will help you to monitor and manage your company's web usage. It can provide real-time reporting of company-wide internet usage, allowing you to track traffic and bandwidth usage through interactive dashboards. There is also role-based access which gives managers the necessary tools to monitor the internet usage for the employees they are responsible for.

Reports can be customized according to specific needs, allowing you to easily view the most visited sites, the most commonly searched for phrases, or even where most of the bandwidth is being consumed. Social media and instant messaging sites, both of which are great temptations for employees, can also be blocked. But with GFI WebMonitor you can do so much more.

GFI WebMonitor scans and blocks malicious content, providing your network with an extra layer of network security. By using this powerful resource, you can keep a close eye on both your users’ browsing habits and internet usage, while also minimizing security risks.

Try our 30-day free, fully functional trial complete with tech support, and check out the advantages it can bring to your network today.

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