Can antivirus or backup software be installed on a machine running GFI WebMonitor

GFI WebMonitor is a great piece of software, offering you control over the use of your company’s Internet. It has many powerful features, enabling you to shut down bandwidth hogs and prevent your corporate network from being used for pure recreation.

However, antivirus and backup software may not always play nice with it. Sometimes these types of software can block access to specific files that GFI WebMonitor needs to run. And that can cause something of a digital argument.

However, there is a way around this. It is recommended that you disable any antivirus or backup software from accessing the following folder and subfolders.

In addition, if you have installed GFI WebMonitor to a 64-bit platform, it is important to keep the following folder, and its subfolders, safe from antivirus and backup software.

With those two quick fixes, you should have no problem running WebMonitor alongside third party antivirus or backup software.

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