Business web security

How much time do you think your company loses on a daily basis to employees surfing the internet? How much system downtime do you experience as a result of malicious software? What about time lost due to your company’s internet running slow while staff are downloading personal items?

Well you can stop this wastage now. How?

GFI WebMonitor has a wealth of features that will enable you to take control of your network and make sure it is used in line with company policies. By restricting the sites your employees can interact with you can cut down on those wasted hours, and improve productivity. GFI WebMonitor works in real time, so you can easily manage access during the day, spotting unusual activity and taking corrective action. Social media and instant messaging sites, another time sink for employees, can also be blocked. Alternatively, you can grant access during specific time periods, so employees can chat and surf during their lunch hours.

GFI WebMonitor also includes detailed and customizable reporting, allowing you to view data without leaving the user interface. Role-based access is also available and enables managers to have relevant statistics easily available.

Do not let the internet become a drain on your company’s resources, or a threat to your network security. Take back control with web filtering software and keep your employees focused on the tasks you need them to complete.

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