Plugging the bandwidth drain

In any business managing your resources as effectively as possible is the key to profitability. Network bandwidth is one such resource yet is often squandered while employees are wasting time on the network.

There dozens of ways to use up your bandwidth, downloading music and video files, streaming video from YouTube, uploading and downloading documents from cloud base storage such as Dropbox, Internet radio, games and many more. When used for business purposes all these activities add to productivity. When access for personal use however there are a constant drain on company resources and they can also expose you to potential lawsuits.

Illegal downloading of movies music and TV shows are closely monitored by rights holders who are not slow in acting against the offenders they identify. That makes it doubly important to control how your network is used. Because the Internet is essential to your business, cutting off employees’ access to it isn't the right way to go about saving bandwidth and preventing time wasting online during office hours.

The solution lies in Internet monitoring. Working in conjunction with other security measures and staff education is the ideal way to protect your network bandwidth and improve productivity. Combine all this with a transparent fair use policy and you can change the way your people work forever. Through Internet monitoring you can control what your people can and cannot see and download, you can ban certain websites and website categories, you can choose to set up a system that allows them less restricted viewing during their break or during off hours. You might choose to let them update their Facebook status, but not play Facebook games.

Many Internet monitoring solutions can protect your network from external threats such as malware, infected websites, malicious code, and hackers. An effective Internet monitoring solution will help you manage your bandwidth for optimal use whilst also enhancing your organization's security and productivity. Download and try GFI WebMonitor and use it to check just how your bandwidth is being used.