Advanced business web filtering

Your employees may be sat at their desks, but are they really browsing work-related sites, or are they just whiling away the hours on social media? Perhaps they are streaming video, eating up your bandwidth and causing a company-wide slowdown. Shutting down the internet is not the solution as it is an integral part of your business. So how do you keep your employees focused, without them wandering off to hunt down the latest deals on eBay?

The solution lies in web filtering. GFI’s WebMonitor is a powerful tool that allows you to discover and control the sites that your employee are accessing. It allows you to set up policies by users, groups, and IP addresses. You can filter access to sites based on broad categories, or even create “always blocked” or “always allowed” lists. When it comes to filtering, the included WebGrade category database has coverage of over 460 million websites. In addition, you can also enable time-based policies. This allows you to open up the internet during break time so that employees can surf openly in their free time.

More importantly, GFI WebMonitor includes detailed reporting, allowing you to keep track of company policy violations and which users are consuming the most bandwidth. The additional benefit is the creation of new layers of web security, protecting your company from malicious content and viruses.

Want more? The software comes with a free 30-day fully functional trial, with included tech support, allowing you to check out its powerful features today.

Are you ready to start cleverly managing your internet usage?

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