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Videos - GFI WebMonitor

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    GFI WebMonitor - General videos

  • How to install GFI WebMonitor

    Duration: 3:49

    Watch this video to learn how to install GFI WebMonitor.

  • An introduction to GFI WebMonitor

    Duration: 0:54

    GFI WebMonitor can help you manage productivity loss, mitigate internet threats and reduce your bandwidth cost.

  • What's new in GFI WebMonitor

    Duration: 3:07

    In the latest version of GFI WebMonitor, we have included Transparent Proxy mode that will allow for a more seamless setup into your existing infrastructure, and allows you to monitor, manage and secure internet activity of devices connected to your wireless network, without having to manually make changes on the device itself. Watch this video to learn more.

  • GFI WebMonitor Step by step guide

    Duration: 5:23

    Monitoring web activity is key to any business, learn how GFI WebMonitor can help you manage productivity loss, security and bandwidth cost.

  • What is application control?

    Duration: 1:52

    This video focuses on GFI WebMonitor’s application control capabilities – giving you an overview on why you need to manage app access, and how our solution helps you achieve that.

  • Monitor company internet usage

    Duration: 1:33

    How much time is wasted on a daily basis by employees surfing the internet? You can track and stop this wastage with GFI WebMonitor.

  • Advanced business web filtering

    Duration: 1:41

    Your employees may be sat at their desks, but are they really browsing work-related sites, or are they just whiling away the hours on social media? How do you keep your employees focused, without them wandering off to hunt down the latest deals on eBay? The solution lies in web filtering with GFI WebMonitor.

  • Employee internet usage monitoring

    Duration: 1:28

    We can’t do business without the internet. But is your network being used just for your business needs? GFI WebMonitor is a powerful tool that will help you monitor and manage your company's web usage.

  • Internet control and monitoring

    Duration: 1:18

    Has your internet ever slowed down for no apparent reason? That’s often what happens when employees check in to high-bandwidth sites. So how do you manage it? With GFI WebMonitor.

  • Business web security

    Duration: 1:27

    Do you ever wonder what your employees get up to on the internet? To find out just what’s happening, and protect yourself from malicious content, you need software, such as GFI WebMonitor, that allows you to manage how the internet is used.

  • Eliminating referral sites and ads from GFI WebMonitor’s surf time reports

    Duration: 1:49

    When reporting on user’s internet usage, it’s important to keep in mind that some internet filtering applications can incorrectly report un-intentional policy breaches or social media use. Check out this video to learn more on how to deliver more accurate reporting by excluding advertisements and social media referrals.

    GFI WebMonitor - Miscellaneous videos

  • Plugging the bandwidth drain

    Duration: 2:15

    In any business managing your resources as effectively as possible is the key to profitability. Network bandwidth is one such resource yet is often squandered while employees are wasting time on the network.

  • Top five web security issues

    Duration: 3:43

    Cybercriminals have always posed a threat. But now their strategy has changed - and the results can prove devastating. Learn about five key methods of attack and the best way to respond.