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This product is at end of life as of January 1, 2020.*

WebInsights for Smart Businesses - GFI WebMonitor

GFI WebMonitor’s latest feature, WebInsights enables IT administrators to analyze data in a historical and behavioral context. With WebInsights IT admins can create a baseline for web activity within a corporate environment and then use it as a single point of reference to analyze trends when monitoring and managing productivity, bandwidth and security.

Why do WebInsights make an IT admin’s life easier?

A historical behavior analysis engine helps IT admins to:

A peak in the number of security issues reported may indicate that a computer has been compromised by malware. A peak in bandwidth or activity on non-productive websites may indicate the existence of unauthorized software or unauthorized activity which needs to be regulated. This information enables IT admins to maintain a healthy, productive and secure working environment by understanding what the data represents and adjusting policies accordingly.

Productivity Dashboard

Are there any productivity concerns? Have users spent more time browsing un-productive websites this week than in previous weeks or months? Who are the top users browsing unproductive websites?

Bandwidth Usage Dashboard

How much bandwidth is being used compared to your daily/weekly/monthly averages? Are there any abnormalities or usage spikes?

Bandwidth Usage Dashboard

Security Dashboard

Are there more security concerns than usual? What is your average number of security incidents on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

All these measurements are based on your company’s “normal” usage, so you can quickly identify and address any abnormal usage patterns. Once usage peaks are detected, the administrator can drill down and investigate further.

How can I try WebInsights in my business?

WebInsights is one of many features in our web filtering and web security solution GFI WebMonitor. You can download and try this product for FREE for 30 days. Click the button below to get started and sign up for you trial.

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Note for non-IT staff:

This product is intended for use on a server in a business IT infrastructure. If you are not the IT administrator of the company, yet interested in the benefits of the product in your organization, forward the link for a free 30-day trial to your IT admin.