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What’s new in GFI OneGuard

Version 1.3

Released: July, 13 2017

This new version of GFI OneGuard brings many fixes to improve stability and product quality.

New features and improvements


  • Login help text for user name includes email address


  • Kaspersky SDK API synchronizes
  • Use GFI LanGuard OEM Agent specific scanning profiles
  • LogGatherer HTTPS uploads logs
  • LogGatherer FTPS fallback upload working
  • LogGatherer No devices selected error in log fixed
  • Agent Logs have size limit
  • AgentStatus.exe logs are created
  • NFR Licenses are accepted
  • Table layout in Patch Management Dashboard is aligned
  • Controller 1.1 to 1.2 upgrade fixed (export settings)
  • Concurrency issue fixed in ConnectorLibraryWrapper
  • GFI OneGuard Controller service starts, Windows Server 2008 SP2
  • Proxy fixed
  • Report link in Notification card if used with localhost in browser fixed
  • Discovery successful with no Controller error after install

Downloads and Upgrades:

For product downloads and information about upgrading GFI OneGuard, visit the GFI Upgrade Center.

If you have additional queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us or an authorized GFI Partner directly.


Version 1.2

Released: April 6, 2017

This release includes a series of fixes that improve the quality of the product including:

  • Issues arising when installing the Antivirus service on Windows 10
  • Issues with Global Exclusion lists with Antivirus
  • The Antivirus agent can crash on installation or upgrade
  • The manual agent installation package has a missing port and invalid password
  • The warning message on installation gives incorrect information about a new package being available
  • Agent Service memory leak
  • Various other minor issues.

For more information, please visit the GFI OneGuard product page.