Как осуществить аудит смартфонов
и планшетов с помощью GFI LanGuard

In this video I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily audit smartphones and tablets with GFI LanGuard.

Open the Configuration tab at the top select Mobile Devices in the Configuration menu on the left, then select Add or Edit Mobile Device Management Source. Input the Microsoft Exchange Server details click Next and set the audit frequency. By default, the information for mobile devices will refresh once a day.

To monitor the Mobile Device scans, open the Activity Monitor tab and select Security Scans from the Activity Monitor menu. To see the scan results for mobile devices, open the Dashboard tab. By default the results are grouped by user but they can also be grouped by device model, operating system or custom defined attributes. You can use this feature to learn what mobile devices are being used by your employees.

Open the vulnerabilities tap to see what security issues they might have. The supported systems are Google Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone. Open the Patches tab to see if there are any operating system updates that would fix those security issues.

To view the mobile device audit report, open the Reports tab. This report is dedicated to the scan results retrieved for smartphones and tablets.

I hope you found this video useful be sure to check out our other GFI LanGuard videos. Thanks for watching.