Vulnerability assessment

During security audits, more than 60,000 vulnerability assessments are conducted.

With GFI LanGuard, you can perform multi-platform scans such as Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®; and iOS®, Android™ and Windows phone devices that connect to the Exchange servers, across all environments, including virtual machines, and analyze your network's security setup and status.

GFI LanGuard gives you the power to identify and correct any threats before hackers can exploit them. It scans devices, identifies and categorizes security vulnerabilities, recommends a course of action, and gives you the tools to solve the problem. It comes with the graphic threat level indicator - an intuitive, weighted assessment of the vulnerability status of a scanned device or group of devices.

Wherever possible, a web link or more information on a particular security issue is provided such as a BugTraq ID or a Microsoft Knowledge Base article id.

Remediation center

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GFI LanGuard allows auto-downloads of missing patches as well as patch roll-back, resulting in a consistently configured environment that is protected from threats and vulnerabilities.

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