Patch management for third-party applications

GFI LanGuard offers patch management support for third-party software, enabling administrators to detect, download and deploy missing patches for supported applications in the same way they monitor and manage operating systems.

GFI LanGuard also offers third-party patch management support for many popular applications like Apple QuickTime®; Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe Flash® Player, Adobe Reader® and Adobe Shockwave® Player; Mozilla® Firefox® and Mozilla Thunderbird®; Java® Runtime and others. Click on the link below for the full list of supported non-Microsoft applications for patch management.

It is possible to patch third-party applications and upgrade to the latest versions, for example, if an old version of Adobe Flash is detected, GFI LanGuard provides an option for upgrading to the latest version or applying all patches for the version in use. Microsoft Internet Explorer® GFI LanGuard is the first solution that automates patching for all major web browsers running on Windows® systems: Microsoft Internet Explorer® Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome™ Apple Safari® and Opera™ Browser.

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