Network and software auditing

GFI LanGuard's network auditing gives you a comprehensive view of your network: connected USB devices smartphones and tablets; software that is installed; any open shares, open ports and weak passwords in use; and any hardware information.

The solution's in-depth reports give you an important and real-time snapshot of your network status. You can easily analyze scan results using filters in reports, enabling you to proactively secure your network by closing ports, deleting users or groups that are no longer in use, or disabling wireless access points.

GFI LanGuard shows detailed information about the hardware configuration of all the scanned machines on your network. It retrieves a list of all devices from the Device Manager tool from the Windows® operating systems including motherboard, processors, memory, storage devices, display adapters and many more. Using its network history view, you can now check whether any hardware was added or removed since the last scan.

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