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Agent technology

The agent technology enables automated network security audits and distributes the scanning load across client machines. The administrator simply needs to define the network perimeter and provide credentials to enable automatic network discovery agent deployment and auditing of the client machines. Manual intervention is necessary only when fine-tuning is required.

This feature provides the following benefits: High-speed enabling you to scan hundreds or thousands of machines in just a few minutes. Automation: Allowing Agents to update the client status on the server on a regular schedule. Every time the application is opened, users can analyze a complete and up-to-date network security overview. Scalability: Due to distributed load, it is possible to scan more machines in one go, even in WAN environments. Accuracy: Local scans have less failure points than remote scans; agents will continue to work even when computers are not connected to the network An agent may also be designated a "relay agent" in order to distribute the remediation load across the network. .

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