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I am Elen Mikayelyan I work at Unibank in the Republic of Armenia. I've been working as a head of system and network administrator for several years now.

Unibank's head office in Yerevan. The bank has 45 branches making it the fourth largest bank in Armenia by the number of branches. The bank has the third-largest ATM network in Armenia more than 120 ATMs. They have a massive infrastructure and compliance is a big issue in the banking industry. Confidentiality integrity and security of data are important factors that impact on a bank's reputation.

As a bank that works directly with handling, processing and storing cardholder data Unibank is obliged to fulfil the network security requirements imposed by the PCI DSS. To meet these requirement we needed a solution to automate certain processes related to the logging of events and activity network to ensure that our systems are secure. That the cardholder data is well protected from hackers and other identity thieves to produce the necessary reports that are required by auditors to confirm that the bank is compliant with PCI DSS.

By comparing the various products GFI EventsManager better meet our needs. It is physically impossible to monitor each server individually and with thousands of events occurring everyday, it is extremely difficult to see through and analyze all those events. One of the key benefits of GFI EventsManager is that savings in time for the reviewing logs. One person now can just have that as a part of their morning routine.

The technical benefit of GFI EventsManager is the real-time centralized event log monitoring system for security incidents from all types of systems and devices. We can run reports, filter off anything we need to see and if there is something we can addresses right away. I would say the greatest benefit is that it helps Unibank to solve PCI DSS compliance issues.

I found GFI products to be quicker to set up, easier to use and maintain. They offer a high-level information security and help to remain in compliance. This leads to a great financial benefit because the cost of having confidential information stolen or damaged is higher and the cost of any product.

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