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Screenshots - GFI EventsManager

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  • Anonymization
  • Assigning checks to sources
    Assigning checks to sources
  • Audit options
    Audit options
  • Automatic program
    Automatic program
  • Alerting options
    Alerting options
  • Create new monitoring checks
    Create new monitoring checks
  • Database import export jobs
    Database import export jobs
  • Database legacy jobs
    Database legacy jobs
  • Default actions execute file
  • Enable monitoring
    Enable monitoring
  • Alerting options
    Alerting options
  • Alerting options - SMS format
    Alerting options - SMS format
  • Alerts
  • Configure sources
    Configure sources
  • Customized view
    Customized view
  • Event browsers
    Event browsers
  • User log report
    User log report
  • Management console width=
    Management console
  • Quick launch console
    Quick launch console
  • Reporting - custom features
    Reporting - custom features
  • Rules
  • Server properties
    Server properties
  • Server SNMP traps
    Server SNMP traps
  • Server system logs
    Server system logs
  • Server operational time
    Server operational time
  • Stats
  • Status activity
    Status activity
  • File storage options
    File storage options
  • General dashboard view
    General dashboard view
  • PCI primary requirements
    PCI primary requirements
  • Performance options
    Performance options
  • Reporting
  • Report sample
    Report sample
  • Text logs
    Text logs
  • Top 10 critical windows events report sample
    Top 10 critical windows events report sample

Manage event log data for system reliability, security, availability and compliance.

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