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Case studies and testimonials - GFI EventsManager

  • Unibank CJSC

    left quoteWe needed real-time centralized event log monitoring for critical security incidents from all types of systems and devices.right quote
    Elen Mikayelyan Read the full case study
  • FrugalBrothers Software

    left quoteIt helps companies keep a firm grip on their event logs, and to be notified of things like account locks out.right quote
    Bruce Naylor Read the full case study
  • Bankwest

    left quoteThe savings in hours spent the ‘old’ way of reviewing logs, or attempting to, has saved us in labor costs.right quote
    Tanya L. Gill Read the full case study
  • Inland Transportation Services

    GFI EventsManager is a great tool to have in today's IT world and has saved us a significant amount of time.
    Bryan W. York Read the full case study
  • Quipu Processing

    The greatest benefit we've had using GFI EventsManager is that it has helped Quipu to solve PCI DSS compliance issues.
    Mark-Oliver Horst Read the full case study