GFI EndPoint Security - USB security software

Data leakage a worry for your business? Wish you could fully control your USB ports and portable devices?

GFI EndPointSecurity could save your business. It gives you control of all your portable devices from one central control panel. Data theft is prevented, and harmful new software and files are blocked from your network.

GFI EndPointSecurity is packed with features that protect and secure your data. Access Control allows you to grant or deny access to any known device on your network. You control which devices are blocked by class, physical port or device ID. You control access duration. Grant devices access for two hours, one week, or any time period. And Access Control can block unknown devices automatically. So your data is always fully secured.

The Data Awareness Module scans your files and tells you which data is most likely to cause a security breach. It analyzes all data going in and out of your endpoints, and it sees through your deceptive files and extensions. So you can prevent leaks before they happen.

Advanced 256-bit data encryption allows you to protect all of your content on any portable device. You have peace of mind when your data is secured by advanced encryption. And if one of your devices is lost or stolen, don’t worry, your data will stay secure until you unlock it with your password.

With GFI EndPointSecurity’s intuitive Dashboard, all of your alerts and shortcuts are right in front of you. The Dashboard even offers useful suggestions for boosting your protection. When a data risk is detected, you’ll see it immediately on your Dashboard. So you can act quickly to maintain data security.

And when it comes to keeping your GFI EndPointSecurity installation secure? You can rely on industry-leading Anti-Tampering features. So even if an intruder gains administrative privileges on your network, GFI EndPointSecurity still keeps your data secure. GFI EndPointSecurity protects over 1.2 million endpoints every day, for over 20,000 businesses. They love its simplicity, value and unlimited installations.

Here’s what businesses like yours are saying about GFI EndPointSecurity. It has saved us time in our operations in that we have managed to plug a hole in our security. GFI helps us protect our intellectual property, which is a differentiating factor that sets us apart from other traffic schools. We found GFI products to be quicker to setup, easier to use and to maintain.

Portable devices are a huge threat to your network and data security. Don’t let a simple data leak destroy your business and reputation.

Protect your data with GFI EndPointSecurity. Start your free 30-day trial now.

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