Customer testimonial, Unibank

I am Elen Mikayelyan. I work at UniBank in the Republic of Armenia. I've been working as a head of system and network administrator for several years now.

Unibank's head office in Yerevan. The bank has 45 branches making it the fourth largest bank in Armenia by the number of branches. The bank has the third-largest ATM network in Armenia, more than 120 ATMs. The banks have to answer to government regulators compliant standards. They have a massive infrastructure and compliance is a big issue in the bank industry. The corporate governments and the risk management are critical to the bank's reputation to protect the commercial and retail customers.

Confidentiality, integrity and security of data are important factors that impact on the bank's reputation. The ultimate goal of a bank in relation to risk management is the preservation of the bank’s capital and assets on the high level by preventing and minimizing potential loses entries. We were looking for a software to prevent data outflow by controlling and securing access to removable devices. The product was GFI EndPointSecurity and that's where I began my relationship with GFI.

GFI EndPointSecurity helped us comply with local regulations about data protection. It offers network wide control of data via portable devices that prevents users from taking confidential information or even introduces viruses on network. Prior to GFI EndPointSecurity there was no control or any kind of information users were inserting or extracting. We tried using the existing tools provided in the operating system, however this proved impractical to manage. While the blocking was partially successful it was impractical to use, manage or monitor. There was no way to generate usage reports. Now our IT department has better control with activity logs, realtime status monitoring and alerts.

I found GFI products to be quicker to set up easier to use and maintain. It saves a lot of employees' time and they are reasonably priced. They offer a high-level information security helping to remain in compliance. This leads to a great financial benefit because the cost of having confidential information stolen or damaged is higher than the cost of any product.

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