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We are an IT security firm and we specialize in the GFI Software product line.

Well I serve all of North America with the GFI product line particularly in smaller to mid-size companies. The major verticals I work with are financial services medical and law firms and manufacturing GFI EndPointSecurity makes sure that the customer's data stays safe an on-site that their employees won't be walking out the office building at the end of the day with customer files on things like USB drives or CDs. The benefit of EndPointSecurity is that keeping that data out of other peoples hands keeping private stuff private right.

One of the biggest benefits of it is that's it's so easy to use and to setup. You may have some employees that will copy customer files credit card information, social security numbers, driver license numbers and who can afford a data breach or being the loss of a lawsuit because employees decided they were going to take this information and try to leave the premises with this. EndPointSecurity prevents that from happening.

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