Encryption for portable devices

When users connect to your network with a USB device containing unencrypted data, they are prompted to enter a password; GFI EndPointSecurity then encrypts all the contents on the device. After that, data can be accessed normally, with the added benefit of being encrypted using a strong AES 256-bit or 128-bit algorithm.

GFI EndPointSecurity includes the Traveler Application, a program that enables users to access encrypted content when they are away from the office and in locations where the GFI EndPointSecurity agent might not be installed. The program can also generate a report of failed attempts to access encrypted portable devices.

You can apply encryption enforcement and grant access to the Traveler Application for certain users, user groups or to all users with exceptions. For peace of mind, a master administrator password enables the recovery of encrypted data when an individual password is lost. Encryption key management is not required.

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