Prevent data leakage to
portable storage devices
Available only through GFI Unlimited*

Case studies and testimonials - GFI EndPointSecurity

Unibank CJSC

We needed a way to prevent data outflow to portable devices by controlling, auditing and securing access to removable devices.

Elen Mikayelyan

FrugalBrothers Software

GFI EndPoint Security makes sure a customer's data stays safe and on site.

Bruce Naylor

Johnston Carmichael

It has saved us time in our operations in that we have managed to plug a hole in our security.

Keith Ross

Verkeersschool Kees van Iersel

GFI helps us protect our intellectual property, which is a differentiating factor that sets us apart from other traffic schools.

Herman Roelofs

Multiplicas Casa de Bolsa C.A.

We found GFI products to be quicker to setup, easier to use and to maintain.

Gustavo Rendon

AAO Advisegroep

De blangrijkste reden waarom AAO Adviewgroep klanten adviseert om GFI EndPointSecurity in te zetten is de flexibiliteit vanhet product.

Bas Damme