Whats new in GFI Archiver 2015

Managing and storing essential company data is something that many IT admins are concerned about these days.

That's because important information is held inside your email system, across folders on your network. on desktops and even uploaded to external storage providers like Dropbox, Box and others. What GFI Archiver 2015 does is let you effectively gain control of your organization’s file, email and calendar histories through a central archiving tool that simplifies access, backup processes, as well as collaboration. This has the benefit of reducing the risk of data loss and compliance breaches through failure to retain key information.

All data is stored in a secure location of choice and is easily searchable from a web console or even from within the email client itself. GFI Archiver supports popular hosted productivity suites like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and extends complete functionality through the Outlook interface. With GFI Archiver’s File Archive Assistant Client, your users can work, communicate, share information with teams locally and remotely in such a way that does not break security policies, or put the infrastructure, or your company secrets at risk because users don’t need to resort to online storage solutions.

GFI Archiver eliminates the need for end users to rely on cloud-based services for document storage, providing you with a completely transparent insight into the email and archive habits of your users it can even give the IT admin visibility to the potential risks that your users' day-to-day activities might create.

MailInsights, is the inbuilt Business Intelligence technology, that provides indispensable reports that will help you or your HR executives, CIO and management to understand communication patterns and take informed strategic decisions as a result.

GFI Archiver enables people in your organization to work the way they want, as efficiently as possible and find information without compromising security, or the integrity of the company. In turn, the IT Admin like you, is in a better position to manage communications, know where the data is stored and see how users are communicating and sharing data within the organisation.

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