GFI MailArchiver 2014 – File Archive Assistant

Keeping track of your company's files can be a nightmare. And an expensive one at that. However it's often a matter of compliance, or simply ensuring you know where your files are located. Either way, it's a necessity.

Think about it, your business creates documents, reports and presentations everyday. These files and communications are valuable sources of business intelligence. And keys to your company's success. That's why we have enhanced the file-archiving features of our award-winning solution GFI MailArchiver. You can now manage company files easily and store them securely alongside your emails, in an instantly accessible, compliant archive.

So, how does it work? First, install the File Archive Assistant on your machines. Next identify the files and folders that should be synchronized with GFI MailArchiver. Sub-folders and files will be automatically synced. Files and folders are immediately pushed to GFI MailArchiver.

In the case of shared files, when they are updated locally by other users, the updated version is automatically updated to the archive and pushed to the shared synchronized folder for everyone to see. When viewing files via the GFI MailArchiver, you can choose to view them in their current view, which mirrors all files you have on your disk, or in the History view, which shows your complete file history, including files that have been deleted.

Now your company files are safe and manageable in a single, compliant location. The powerful search capabilities of GFI MailArchiver also make searching and retrieving files quick and easy. With file archiving, GFI MailArchiver addresses all your companies archiving needs. See for yourself.

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