Centralized management console

Larger organizations have multiple email gateway and servers that could be difficult and expensive to manage without the GFI MailEssentials' centralized management console.

GFI MailEssentials can be installed on different servers and synchronizes the configuration across all of the servers bringing your management tasks down to a minimum. Important settings from your GFI MailEssentials servers are synchronized across all the network making it easier for you to manage the day to day tasks of maintaining your email security.

Synchronized data include the attachment, keyword and advanced filtering rules, black/white lists. Quarantined emails from different GFI MailEssentials scanning servers are stored in a central server of your choice and this gives you one central quarantine to maintain for all of your organization.

GFI MailEssentials logs all mail flow activity to a central reporting database so that you can consolidate all your email flow reports and easily detect any mail flow trends or issues. These unified settings are highly customizable giving you total flexibility in how you deploy GFI MailEssentials on your network.

The quarantine can be centralized or standalone, similarly you choose which settings are synchronized giving you a totally flexible way on how you control your email security.

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