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GFI KerioConnect is a mail server and an all-in-one collaboration tool deployed by more than 30-thousand companies around the world. It can be installed on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

GFI KerioConnect is just the right size for businesses with smaller budgets and limited IT staff. It’s easy to manage, easy to deploy, and typically costs less than “big brand” solutions.

Explore key features of GFI KerioConnect


Email, calendar, IM and more - for less

  • GFI KerioConnect delivers all the features and functionality for collaboration and messaging solution without the complexity and high price tag of other systems.
  • Email is integrated with shared calendars and scheduling, contacts management, tasks, notes, shared and public folders, and instant messaging.
  • Synchronize messages by direct push to your choice of mobile device via Microsoft ActiveSync(R).
  • Instant Messaging is XMPP-compatible and can be used from various 3rd party chat/IM applications on desktop and mobile phones.

Easy to deploy, manage and use

  • You can install GFI KerioConnect in 10 minutes and users can be up and running in just 10 minutes more.
  • GFI KerioConnect can be deployed on-premises or in partner-hosted cloud environments.
  • Deploy for users on Mac, Windows, or Linux; plus full support for Outlook (Windows and Mac) and many other IMAP or POP compliant email clients.
  • GFI KerioConnect web-based administration is simple and can even be configured from a tablet.

Security built into your business email

  • You’re protected against hacking and malicious attacks with SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam and anti-virus tools making sure your email is clean.
  • Automated backup with granular restore options ensure quick and easy recovery from all types of disasters.
  • Server-wide archiving prevents data loss and helps organizations to comply with legal requirements for email retention.

New GenAI CoPilot Powers your Inbox

GFI KerioConnect CoPilot is a new GenAI feature that provides content generation and summarisation capabilities for GFI KerioConnect. It leverages ChatGPT to understand the context of conversations, suggest improvements to drafted replies, summarize long message threads, translate emails, and provide daily digests of the users’ inboxes.

Integrated directly into the GFI KerioConnect webmail interface, this cloud-based service operates as a strictly opt-in plugin, guaranteeing data is processed only upon explicit user consent.


  • Automated Summary & Highlights: Transforms lengthy emails and notes into concise, easy-to-understand summaries.
  • Instant Translation: Facilitates communication for cross-language teams with real-time translations in emails and instant messages
  • Writing assistant: CoPilot aids in crafting clear emails, offering tone adjustments, and catching potential errors to improve message quality.
  • Daily Inbox Digest: Each morning, CoPilot delivers a concise summary of new emails from the past 24 hours.

Get secure email as a value-priced package

  • Choose GFI KerioConnect for feature-rich email and collaboration tools.
  • Plus: Powerful multi-engine anti-virus and more with 14 anti-spam filters and 4 anti-virus engines plus malware scanning.
  • And: Secure archiving to meet compliance regulations with easy management and access to your organization's electronic communications history.


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