Flexible deployment

Software. Virtual. Hardware. Your Choice.

Kerio Operator offers the broadest range of deployment options on the market — and it integrates hassle-free into your existing IT environment.

You can deploy Kerio Operator as:

  • A software appliance on your own hardware
  • A virtual appliance in an existing VMware environment
  • A turnkey hardware appliance

Kerio Operator software appliance

We’ve packaged and pre-configured Kerio Operator software and a hardened OS into a single bare–metal ISO image that is ready to install. The advantages? Custom–spec your own hardware based on performance needs, but avoid the headaches of conflicting applications and vulnerable system services.

Kerio Operator virtual appliance

Drop this virtual machine pre–configured with Kerio Operator software and a hardened OS into your VMware environment. With the Virtual Appliance, Kerio Operator can share the same physical box as other applications, helping you stretch your hardware budget.

Kerio Operator hardware appliance

Ensure the performance of Kerio Operator software with the Kerio Operator hardware appliance. This performance–optimized hardware appliance enables you to leverage all of Kerio Operator’s product features in a stable, solid-state package, pre-configured with Kerio Operator software and a hardened OS. The Kerio Operator hardware appliance supports up to 180 concurrent calls* and stores up to 28 GB of voicemail. *Transcoded calls when using Opus codec reduces the number of concurrent calls.

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