Easy phone system management

Take control of your business phone system

Kerio Operator is designed to make IT administrators’ lives easier.

Simple setup

Choose the deployment that works for your environment. Install the bootable ISO image or a VMware virtual appliance on your hardware, or choose the Kerio Operator hardware appliance. Run Kerio Operator over existing E1/T1/EuroISDB/analog lines or through a SIP service provider and configure the SIP phones you prefer to use.

Easy administration

Configure Kerio Operator through an easy-to-use web administration interface. Log in anytime, anywhere to manage users, extensions, call pickup and routing settings, conference calls, call queues, ring groups and more. Access detailed reports on system health and usage statistics.

Centralized management

Stay in control of all your appliances from anywhere using MyKerio. Manage multiple Kerio Operator (and Kerio Control) deployments through a complimentary centralized web interface providing consolidated system information, automatic configuration backup, status monitoring, system notifications and complete remote configuration.

Fast automatic phone provisioning

Kerio Operator automatically detects, configures and assigns a new extension when a new SIP-based phone is connected to the network. Kerio supports automatic provisioning of more than 100 phones from popular brands like Cisco, Polycom and Grandstream, and allows you to choose the best phone for your users and your budget.

If you want to use an IP phone other than what is listed, you can still manually provision it with Kerio Operator. You can even create your own auto-provisioning module for supported phones.

Automatic backup and storage

Schedule automatic server backups of configuration files, system and call history logs, voicemail and recorded call data, and provisioning files to MyKerio or a FTP server.

Integration with Salesforce or other CRM systems

Easily integrate Kerio Operator into Salesforce with minimal configuration. Kerio Operator for Salesforce supports Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited Editions of Salesforce. Integrate with most other CRM and computer telephone applications through the Asterisk Manager Interface.

Administration features

  • MyKerio centralized web based management to monitor and manage multiple Kerio Operator appliances
  • Remote web-based administration
  • Real-time reports on system health, in-progress calls, conference calls and call queues
  • Auto-provisioning and auto-configuration when a new phone is plugged in
  • Auto-detection, configuration and extension number provisioning that works for Kerio-supported SIP phones
  • Archive recorded calls to a FTP server
  • Automatic back up of system configuration, logs, certificates, license, call history, recorded calls, voicemail and custom files to MyKerio or a FTP server

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