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Developer zone - Kerio Operator

Kerio Operator is based on Asterisk and is configured completely through an easy-to-use web browser interface.

Even better, you can remotely monitor the Kerio Operator server via SNMP to retrieve information about server utilization and performance, thus having a comprehensive live overview of the phone system status.

For increased productivity, Kerio Operator can be integrated with CRM systems using AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface). Thus, the CRM system can identify the caller based on phone number and display existing information stored in the system. It allows initiating calls directly from the CRM system or a desktop dialer, updating call notes, monitoring call statuses or viewing call history.

Visit the Kerio Knowledge Base and see how to connect Kerio Operator with other applications.

Downloads and Documentation

Note: By downloading the APIs and VMware Virtual Appliance below, you agree to the Kerio SDK End User License Agreement.

License agreement

Client Library

Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP 1.4
Source Class, Documentation, Examples, Sample Applications
VMware Virtual Appliance
Based on Debian GNU/Linux, default root password: kerio

JSON-RPC 2.0 Specification

Kerio Operator

Provisioning Developer Guide 318 KB DOWNLOAD IN ARCHIVES


The Kerio API is built on solid foundations of JSON-RPC, whose advantages include easy-of-use code readability and wide support among different programming languages and publicly available libraries. For full JSON-RPC 2.0 specifications, click here.

Programming Libraries

You can also use the Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP for easy integration into your scripts and applications.