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Jacobs Media

Now, I don't have to be on site to help or troubleshoot. I live far from the studio, so if there is ever an issue, I can login from home and assist our team. Kerio Operator makes my life so much easier, what more can you ask for?

Sandy Griffin
Chief Engineer, Jacobs Media



When Sandy Griffin, Chief Engineer at Jacobs Media, received a quote for $1,400 (minimum) simply to upgrade to the latest version of their Bell South telecommunications system, he knew it was time for a change. Jacobs Media is the team behind three major radio stations in Atlanta, GA.

The existing phone system was difficult to administrate, and no instructions nor guidance was given when setting up the telephony system. Costs for support from Bell South, no matter the severity of the problem, were extremely high. Additionally, when problems did arise, contacting customer service was challenging, and solutions were often unreliable, resulting in service interruption. In the radio business, having lines down can disrupt an entire segment, if not an entire day's worth of shows. What Sandy needed was something that could be set up easily, require little training, offer a large network of support resources and provide high levels of reliability.


With one transmitter tower, three radio stations, 25 analog phone setups and 35 handsets, ease of administration was critical in the decision making process. As an existing Kerio Connect customer, Sandy already knew about the benefits using a Kerio product. Kerio Preferred Partner Walter Huff of Huff Technologies, was brought in to demonstrate Kerio Operator, and it was apparent this was the right product. A Snom 720 phone was setup at one of three transmitter sites using the existing Internet connection, and the once isolated location now has a connection to the teams across the multiple offices. The Cisco SPA8000 (which allows traditional phones to connect to VoIP systems) was used to configure the analog telephones, providing strong security and reliability. Kerio Operator's wide range of compatible gateways provide reliable options for a company whose business is in communicating to the community.


Since switching to Kerio Operator, Jacobs Media saves over 75% annually on their telecommunications service costs. Installation was quick and easy with the help of Walter. With his recommended SIP provider, Kerio Operator lines were running within an hour. Previously, when staff moved between offices, moving their phone lines was a long process - moving the physical phones, creating patches, setting up voicemail. Staff can unplug their phone at one desk, take it to their new office, plug-in and they are done. The Jacobs Media team appreciates the high level of support the Kerio network provides, from partners like Walter, to a highly engaged sales and customer success team.